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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 1 - Group sex to celebrate the vacation
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 51m

At first I wanted to spend the vacation together with my girlfriend. Just think about it: me and my cutie, enjoying each other and making hot amateur Turkey sex videos. But then I thought of asking our friends to join us. They're so wild, I just knew they would make our vacation sex movie even more interesting and uninhibited. Besides, they were free and adreed right away, so here we are, a bunch of horny youths with a camera having a blast in Turkey :)

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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 7 - Sex toys masturbation and hardcore anal
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 4h 04m

Even though it's the last day of our fantastic porn travel, we still have some time to have fun. So we went for a walk, and I blew my boyfriend right in the orange garden, with everyone watching us. I knew he'd never forget that :) And don't worry, you're not gonna miss this, you'll see it all in our latest Turkey sex tape. Honestly, I never suspected I was capable of blowing a guy outdoors with people staring :)

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Amateur porn vacation in New York: Day 2 - Awesome airport sex video
Boys: 1
Girls: 1
Duration: 1h 01m

Today we went to the Empire State Building, and it was really impressive to see New York from the 80th floor. But hey, this is a vacation sex movie, so I think you're much more interested in what happened before the excursion :) We decided to make love in the morning once again, but this time my girl wanted to be banged in her yummy butt. Well, she didn't have to ask me twice :) Enjoy our travel sex video!

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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 2 - Amateur holiday sex with one chick and three guys
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 55m

After spending the whole morning on the beach and watching sexy girls in seductive bikini suits I got so oversexed, I could think of nothing except hot amateur vacation fuck. Imagine my disappointment when my girlfriend prefered going shopping to having sex with me! I was so angry! This is why when Vika came to my room, I didn't think twice before fucking her. After all, both of us wanted to play hotel sex games so much...

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Amateur porn vacation in New York: Day 1 - Morning sex at hotel and shopping
Boys: 1
Girls: 1
Duration: 1h 28m

New York is the perfect location for a holiday sex video, isn't it? This city is so sexy, just look what it did with my girlfriend! Nessa is a hot girl and loves sex, but this morning she really surprised me when she started blowing me before I could say "good morning". Ah, what a gorgeous start of our porn vacation! Naturally, blowjob was just a beginning, soon I was drilling Nessa's oozing holes with my mighty cock. Beautiful morning!

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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 6 - Swinging sex with best friends
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 50m

Hello there, here's Katya sharing the secrets of our sex trip with you. Our vacation's closer to its end, so I felt like going totally wild today. I guess everyone felt the same way, because when I offered having a group sex party in the hotel, everyone was happy. At first I thought that hardcore group sex with my best friends might ruin our friendship, but in fact it made us even closer. Besides, that swinger sex video we made really rocks!

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Thailand porn adventures: Day 1 - Our very first Thailand sex video
Boys: 2
Girls: 1
Duration: 1h 34m

Hi, I'm Ilya, and this is my amateur film about Thailand sex travel with my girlfriend Polina and our friends. The flight to Thailand was so long and tiresome, I just couldn't wait to get to the hotel and relax. But as soon as I saw Polina naked, I forgot that I was tired :) I turned my camera on and filmed our very first thai sex video. Polina loves being filmed during sex, it really turns her on, and this time was no exeption. She gave me the most wonderful blowjob ever! I have a feeling that this sex trip's…

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Thailand holiday fuck scenes, Hot ass fuck in the hotel
Boys: 1
Girls: 1
Duration: 0h 31m

Slava wanted to go to Bangkok on our last day in Thailand. I didn’t mind, especially since I’ve never been to this city before. Soon after we arrived there, we went for a walk and spent all day on the streets of Bangkok. We tried to find Lucky Buddha or whatever it’s called, but failed. We got lost and ended up back in our hotel. So we decided to just devote our evening to fucking. The best pastime you can think of. Hotel room sex we filmed today is just amazing, take a look!

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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 5 - Amazing outdoor sex tape
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 37m

This day started with a passionate morning fuck, which we naturally filmed and added to our holiday sex vids. But we weren't the only ones to do so :) Sarah, Daisy and Max decided to make a hot outdoor sex tape, so they went to the beautiful garden with a camera and had a threesome there. My God, their vacation sex video is definitely one of the best I've ever seen! Believe me, you just can't miss it!

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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 3 - Group sex party in the hotel room
Boys: 3
Girls: 3
Duration: 2h 25m

Hey guys, this is Vika, and today I'll tell you about our crazy sex adventures in Turkey. The day started with our going for a walk, and Katya and me drove the guys crazy by flashing our butts right in the street. Maybe that was a bit too much for Turkey, but we're making an amateur vacation sex movie, so it has to be hot all the way! Eventually Katya and me started making out, like we were going to have girl on girl sex right there.

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