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Fantastic Thailand sex vacation: Day 8 - Farewell outdoor sex scene
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Thailand Location: Thailand

On the last day of our Thailand sex trip we decided to go sightseeing and visit the temple of Buddha. It was really impressive, and guess what, Rita offered me shooting a holiday porn video there. Right in the temple! I must admit it sounded tempting, but still I talked her out of it. You never know what would happen if you're caught fucking in a temple in a foreign country. So we decided to shoot a farewell outdoor sex scene somewhere else.

Who would have thought, but we found a perfect location near our house. How come we never noticed that place before? A friend of ours agreed to do all the shooting for this island porn video, so we could go really wild and fuck in any position we wanted. I drilled Rita doggy-style, then she saddled me and rode my cock with such lust and passion! Finally I came on her face, and it's such a beautiful ending of our marvelous porn holiday!

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