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Wild vacation sex in Turkey: Day 3 - Group sex party in the hotel room
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Turkey Location: Turkey

Hey guys, this is Vika, and today I'll tell you about our crazy sex adventures in Turkey. The day started with our going for a walk, and Katya and me drove the guys crazy by flashing our butts right in the street. Maybe that was a bit too much for Turkey, but we're making an amateur vacation sex movie, so it has to be hot all the way! Eventually Katya and me started making out, like we were going to have girl on girl sex right there.

Later Katya and her boyfriend offered me to join their hotel sex games. Wow, it sounded really intriguing! I love group sex, so I didn't even hesitate to agree. I think the sex swing video we filmed is gonna totally blow you away! But that's not all of it. In the evening I went out with Max, and our date ended up as a real wild vacation sex orgy. The guy made me come twice! Anyway, you have to see it with your own eyes.

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